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Review - Let the Sky Fall by Shannon Messenger

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Let Sky Fall Shannon Messenger

After being a book reviewer for a time, I was burnt out. I haven't felt the urge to write one, no matter how deep my love for books runs, in well over a year. Until this book. There are always certain parts of a book that I love the most. Plot, character, dialogue , world building etc. It's not often that you find a book that has it all. LET THE SKY FALL does.

The settings, the plot, the dialogue all of it combined were like a tornado, which sucked me up and spun me round and round with these characters as they endured obstacle after obstacle. I constantly found myself stopping simply so I could go back and relive parts of the book. It was dramatic in all the right spots, sweet and funny right when it needed to be, and the gifts of some of the characters are down right brilliant.

Then there's Audra--please take a moment to admire THAT fantastic name--while all the characters are beautifully developed Audra shines the most for me. This character is heartbreakingly loyal and strong. Not because the author wrote that in the book, but because she MADE the character that way. There's a difference. The character is put through the fire and comes out on the other side. Still standing. She breaks, but she puts herself back together. She loses it, but she pulls it back together. And each time it's always better, stronger, more beautiful. Audra is a heroine worthy of teens, young adults, and even adults. She inspires independence, loyalty, endurance. And in the end she leaves you with a message. You must come first. You must fulfill your own self. Now, don't get me wrong. There is teen love. There is that young desperation. And it's SO GOOD. But more, Audra shows you that finding love does not make you whole. You make you whole, and you don't have to skip over yourself to have love.

The only downfall to a good book is when it's over. If you are like me you tend to overly invest yourself in the world of the book and dang near feel empty when it's over. NOT THIS BOOK. I read the ending twice. I simply could not believe how much I loved it. Hope and an expectant eye to what is to come is what I was left with. That might just be the most amazing part of the entire book.

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  1. Enrique Tucker12 Oktober 2011 14.32

    ive read so many paranormal romance books that I cant name all of them but here is a few that I liked. twilight, of Poseidon, and sweet evil. any recommendations? one with the most books or the most description wins