Selasa, 30 November 2010

Excellent optical quality

car stereo review Orion Shorty 1 25 Barlow Lens

Orion Shorty 1 25 Barlow Lens

Doubles your lens collection. My son has a 90mm mak-cass. He has two lenses that yield 50X and 75X. The barlow doubles them to 50X, 75X, 100X, 150X. This is about as large as a 90mm can go.

I use this barlow on my Dobsonian. I like having more magnification without reducing the exit hole on my eyepiece. Some eyepieces are not as good around the edges. A barlow gives a larger clear spot while increasing magnification. This is win/win. I often use the barlow, even if I have a lens that will yield the same magnification.

A barlow will give good magnification on items that can be magnified, such as the moon and planets. When looking at deep sky objects, I often like wider fields and lower magnification.

This particular barlow offers great bang for the buck.

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  1. The scope came with a 9mm and a 25mm. the moon looks great through both. Jupiter is noticeable, but small. I expected it to be small, but is there an e.p. that might make it look better. The 9mm piece has such a small hole that its hard on the eyes to look through it. I want to get another e.p. that will help viewing planets, as well as other cool stuff. The two e.p's I have might be sufficient, but I'm new to this and I keep feeling like the ones that came with the scope are probably low quality. I'm only buying one for now, but want to get a really good one because I'd rather spend the money on quality than quantity. I want to get one that I will be able to get a lot of use out of. I've been looking at e.p.'s over and over and just can't decide on which one. I've read other posts and have seen peoples answers, but when they say a brand and size, that doesnt help me that much. There are so many different kinds of the same brand and size. It gets a little overwhelming trying to decide.

  2. Juliet Mcmillan17 Desember 2012 12.32

    Which barlow lens would be best for my telescope Orion Shorty 1.25" 2x Barlow Lens Meade Series 4000 127 2X-3X Variable Barlow Lens, by the way i have an orion xt8.