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dress review Skyfall Adele James Soundtrack Tribute

Skyfall Adele James Soundtrack Tribute

"Falling to Iowa," Richard Mueller's second novel in his Glen Gleason series, is even better than the first, "Death on the Prairie" -- and that's no easy task. Any mystery that begins with a man falling out of the sky and crashing into an Iowa cornfield is already off to a great start, and it just gets better after that. Sheriff Gleason just can't let go of the mystery, which leads to a mob family feud, a criminal mastermind "fixer" with a penchant for wargaming, his dubious paramour, and a threat to everything Gleason has built for himself in his new Iowa life. Along the way, there are tornadoes, train rides, and a wargaming tournament where Gleason studies the mind of his criminal "fixer." The tournament reminded me of those great scenes in James Bond novels where Bond would assess his villain and try to get into his head over the green baize of a casino card table.

As usual with Mueller, the characters are fresh and compelling and the dialogue is touched with both truth and wit.

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  1. This woman is an inspiration. Her music emanates class for all ages. There's no one like her, she's what a true Diva!

  2. Claude Mitchell22 Oktober 2011 05.32

    Was so taken with Adele's performance of this song in the movie that I had to have the single. Wow!

  3. Cheri Wilkinson18 November 2011 10.32

    Had no idea she was doing this sound track! Took a listen and was hooked - she has a way of doing that!

  4. I saw the movie Skyfall and fell in love with this song. I loved Adele's rendition and loved the movie.

  5. What can I say, she's great and we love all her CDs, but wish she had more new stuff to buy!

  6. She has an amazng voice and style and puts so much feeling into this song. I was not familiar with her singing before this song but wll continue to follow her career.

  7. She is one of our most amazing voices! It's the kind of voice you never get tired of.Can't wait for her next recording.