Minggu, 14 November 2010

enjoyable sim game

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Backflip Studios Inc DragonVale

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and read it in two days... a rarity for me. I do tend to like real-life stories, as this book is, over fiction, but it shares aspects of both. If you enjoy the idea of piloting, it does give some insight into the life and struggles of a commercial pilot, however, its main focus is the negatives of alcoholism and how it can destroy ones life and those close to you. It illustrates the realities of the "Adult Children of Alcoholics" syndrome and carries the reader from the ideal life to the ramifications of excessive drinking to recovery. Whether you have a substance abuse problem or not, it truly is a good read and offers hope for recovery for those who are addicted. Although the ending is predictable, I enjoyed it from cover to cover.

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  1. this game is fun for all kindle fire usersnits easy simple and fun just takes a wile to load and its easily to level up and grow your dragons

  2. Frances Hawkins23 Oktober 2010 05.32

    I love this game!!! It is so cool how you can breed and create NEW DRAGONS!!!! It looks and sounds excellent.I highly recommend it!!!! If you doubt what I'm saying give it a try it is FREE!!!

  3. Katherine Snow25 Oktober 2011 15.32

    the graphics are very colorful, and the music is great. i love that i can play this game by myself or with friends. and it is so nice to have no violence in a game. any age group can enjoy this game.

  4. This is a wonderful game to be creative and just have fun. Taking care of the lil dragons and building there island home is just addiciting and FUN. wow get it.

  5. Great game with a balanced economy. With the addition of Olympus Dragons the end game is much more fun. If you like games that you can play hard, but then take a break without destroying your progress, give DragonVale a try.

  6. Evangeline Lopez13 Oktober 2012 13.32

    Backflip actually listens and doesn't inundate you with gem/crystal/whatever spam (looking at you, Dragon Story). So glad they made it to the Android verse. I've been playing in ios for a year, only thing you need are a couple of friends to get you gems. :)

  7. After hearing friends talk about this app I decided I had to try it. It's so addictive! There are so many different aspects and things you can do. I would definitely recommend this game - I couldn't believe it was free!

  8. Constance Jacobs24 November 2013 03.32

    I love the graphics are amazing and bright also I am very addicted to it,
    Very popular everything is cheap.