Senin, 22 November 2010

It's Just Like "Straight Outta Compton" by NWA.

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Well it is to me. Not since NWA's Straight Outta Compton have I enjoyed a record so much, yet related to the lyrics so little. This is a great, great album. They are great musicians and songwriters and the arrangements are quite interesting.
I remember going through a Paul Simon phase and thinking about how I'd like to start a band that copped that sound a little bit, and Vampire Weekend do that, but in their own unique and fun way.
I don't own the first album (GASP!) not yet anyway so I can't make any comparisons but for me this album stands on it's own.

I bought mine direct from the Vampire Weekend website and when you buy (the vinyl) through them (Kung Fu Nation), you get an instant MP3 download AND the record comes with a bonus CD of unreleased re-mixes.
If you do buy it from Kung Fu you will notice they charge $10 shipping but if you call them they will tell you how you can have it sent mediamail for 3.50.

Get your Contra Now!

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  1. Been contra dancing for a few months now, and was invited to a techno contra for Sat night. It looks fun, but I have no idea how to dress. I'm 21 and enjoy the long flowy twirly skirts of regular contra dancing.

  2. I am in band 7th grade 13 years old. I LOVE My bass clarient and I LOVE very very very deep sounds. My band direcor said if I rent a contra alto or contra bass clarinet I can use it in class. What is the average price monthly for a contra alto and or a contra bass?

  3. I have been playing Bb clarinet for 6 yrs and currently play on a 3 1/2 reed. but they want me to play on a Eb contra and im not sure what strength to start out on. My band director gave me a 4, but that seems wrong to me.

  4. i play contra for my high school and in marching band competitions, other schools have sousaphones. but i never really heard what a sousaphone sounds like. i know they're the same thing except sousaphone is more appropriate for marching but any sound differences? can anyone tell me the difference?

  5. I am writing a research paper about the Iran-Contra affair. It's confusing. I have all this information, but I need help with putting it together. Any ideas?