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great for my end of the world supply

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Bright CREE Flashlight Charger battery

For my purposes, there are 2 different types of portable lighting. "Throw" lights and "flood" lights. Throw lights generate a concentrated narrow beam of light for a long distance. Flood lights generate a wider beam that spreads the light across a greater area, but for less distance than a throw light.

This light is a "throw" light. It "throws" a tight concentrated "spot-type" beam.

It has 3 modes, low poer, high power, and strobe.

Its the brightest flashlight that throws a beam farther than I have ever had, and I have some very expensive maglites from the 1980's and 1990's. This light compares in brightness to my old high end incandescent deer spotting lights.

It looks cool. Tactical. Black and sleek. Knobby and knurled for a great no-slip grip even when hands are wet.

All parts are protected by rubber o-ring s for nno water penetration. Does NOT come with spare o-ring s.

The battery is a weird one. An 18650 3.7v Lithium-Ion battery. Extras are inexpensive, they last a long time, are rechargeable, and durable.

The K8 Emitter is an older generation but its still a newe 100,000 hour class. Its very bright. Does a great job cutting through fog being as tight as it is.

The head/lens/reflector is slightly oversized for this sized LED flashlight, but that just gives it a stronger and more defined beam throw.

There is no tail switch. The switch is on the body, but you can get tail switches cheap. No problem here.

This light comes with vehicle charger and house outlet charger. AWESOME! The chargers are smart too. They turn off when the battery is full so you can keep it plugged in without problems and without worrying about a dead battery in the morning.

Batteries are removeable and replaceable.

There is a recharging port on the side of the light above the switch near the head. This alllows you to recharge without battery removal if you want. Thjis port is protected by a rubber insert and ring . This is very low quality and might break off, si I installed a wide rubber band over it so it does not pop out and get in the way during general use.

The glass lens rattles a little at first. It annyoed me. I installed a tiny bead of clear silicone around the edge of the lens to sto pthe rattle.

All in all this light is a very good value if you view it in the context of other lights with simlar features, brightness, and functionality. You can spend upwards of $100-$200 for a similar brand named tactical led flashlights.

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