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Good Kite Overall

vacuum cleaner review Skyfoil Frameless Parafoil Kite Rainbow

Skyfoil Frameless Parafoil Kite Rainbow

Rather than repeat the book jacket's description, which was accurate, I will tell you why I like this author's writing. This book lives up to his previous two. I'm waiting for more. Unfortunately I finished this one in 8 leisurely hours. His writing has a tendency to get me to do this.

This is not a preference of lazy readers, but a nice means of completing a scene, so you can digest it. Also does make for great breaking points when the real world interferes in your reading.
Many writers introduce a bunch of things that when the story is all done just hang unanswered. In this book as in the author's previous two books, you have your answers.
Okay, a breach, or worm hole is out there, artifacts way out there, but in the context of the book it is all explained.
As the author's previous book (Ghost Country) which I read before his first (The Breach) it stands alone. You get enough back story even if you have not read the first. There were a few references, that were not well explained (the Blackbird), that even if you had read the others, you would still be sketchy as it has been sometime, but for the most part, you have what you need. However I would say it is more fun to know the backstory.
Just like David Brin (Uplift Series, The Postman) does in many of his books, you are gradually taught what you need to know; to understand the universe you are being dropped into. This is a real skill. You get told what you need to know, when you need to know it, but not in a lecturing fashion.
The story moves along, you get the characters, why they do what they do. You also can anticipate some things. This is a cool thing that some great authors can do to make you feel smart. Dan Brown (DaVinci Code) is a master at this.

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  1. Worked great. Side by side the ease of flying and stability crushed the performance of a typical cheap plastic diamond kite. The long tails take a while to pack up when done, but otherwise very quick and easy to deploy and repack.

  2. I loved using these kites, There great to use as "get-it-and-go" Kite. All you have to do is pop on the string and your ready to fly!

    Easy to store in your car or backpack. Beautiful in the sky and great for beginners. Its good that there is no sticks as they can be lost or broken. Also if you are a newbie to flying kites you dont have to worry to much if your kites crash a lot as it wont break or come apart.

    One thing I noticed some of the skyfoil kites advertise that they come with a "carrying case" I didn't recieve one when mine was shipped.

    A great buy though, good price and definitly worth it!

  3. Hattie Maldonado13 Oktober 2012 11.32

    I bought this kite because I wanted to teach some kids at A+ how to fly a kite. Because the kite will be flown by many different hands... I wanted something durable, easy, and just overall fun. This kite fit the deal perfectly...

    Because it is frameless you do not have to deal with the issue of frames snapping
    It was easy to get in the air as long as there is a breeze and with trade winds there is almost always a breeze out.
    The length of string was the perfect length! long enough to amaze but short enough to quickly reel it in for another kid to have a turn.

    Overall a great product for the price!

  4. I love this kite. It does require more wind than others to stay airborne, but the fact that it can be stored in minimal space in the trunk of my car more than makes up for this. Being so convenient, we fly this kite much more often than others that require planning to grab and go. Anywhere there is a nice field and a decent wind, we're out flying this kite. The kids love it!

  5. Estella Jennings19 November 2012 08.32

    I bought this kite for our beach vacation. It packs small, has no breakable parts and was very easy to fly,but it does need a medium to strong wind to stay up.
    Although my two year old twins lost interest after 20 minutes I had fun and would by it again,

  6. A lot of kites are kind of hard to get going, especially for a novice. All it takes is a small amount of wind or a bit of running and this kite takes flight. My three-year-old daughter can sit in the yard holding tight to the end of that kite for an hour. "Mommy, I'm flying a kite! I'm flying a kite ALL BY MYSELF." It is a great kite. But be careful flying it too close to your machine shed, because it may be up there for a long time to come. At which time you will be back on Amazon buying this kite again -- because it really is the best.

  7. My son could not wait to fly this kite. We did not have much of a breeze the day we receive it but it flew great. Did not have to hold it. People were stopping to watch us fly it. If you are looking for a kite for a small child, get this one.

  8. I was happily surprised when I opened up this kite for the first time, it was a lot larger than what I had expected and the tail streamers are like 15 feet long. One thing, make sure you get a stake or a sturdy stick of some kind as the string is on a hollw roller and you might lose the kite if you're not careful. My 6 year old son loved it.