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lights review BioShock Infinite Pc

BioShock Infinite Pc

This game is one of the very few that leaves a lasting impression. Its ending is thought provoking, it makes you want to play it again to catch every detail. But having never played the first two in the series, im going to play bioshock one first. The uncomfortable atmosphere it creates based on extremes of American culture in the early 1900s really add to the game. Every little detail, every small interaction contributes to the story.

Game play, is about 13 hours, but its one of the best 13 hours. Nothing is repetitive. The fights are rewarding. The best part of the fights are the settings you move through. Every detail of the environment, from air ships to the towns, is so thoughtful detailed. You discover the plot and discover more about the girl you are rescuing who accompanies you. Elizabeth, follows you through most of the game, and while she doesn't fight, she is absolutely critical in the dire moments of battle. She helps find ammo for you and can bring in pieces of the environment.
There are a few minor criticisms in which the keys map to the different actions in battle which make it a little slower than other games. Also there is a bit much of going around and opening crates to find money. However these minor details are absolutely miniscule in the grand scale of the game.

I've played through a lot of FPS. A lot. Bioshock Infinite is the most memorable. The world it creates and the story it shows rivals the best movies I've seen and books I've read. And thats on top of being a thrilling first person shooter.

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  1. Christian Horton15 Oktober 2011 04.32

    I got Just Cause 2, Bioshock Infinite, and Tomb Raider with my PC. I cannot find them in the box it came in or on the computer. Will they be mailed at a future date or am I just missing something?

  2. I have the first bioshock for xbox and it was fun but i can get bioshock infinite for free on PC. So is it better or the same on PC. or should i just buy it for xbox?

  3. Leslie Daugherty30 November 2011 04.32

    I am half way through the game and my brother wants to play, I want to be able to start a new game without having to overwrite the current one. I understand that they have no put this into the game for PC atleast, but I would like to know if there is a way to do it my self.

  4. I'm not a PC gamer but I considering playing Bioshock Infinite for PC because I've heard it's better to play in on a PC than on Xbox or PS. Also I have an Xbox but I just rather play it on PC. So is it alright or does it need upgrades and if it does, can someone show me?

  5. My pc is about a year old with a decent i5 proccesor and a gtx 560 ti card and I can run a game like Battlefield 3 at high settings so why does bioshock infinite have so much slowdown for me if I have it set any higher than low. To my knowledge I have the latest drivers so that shouldn't be an issue. Any suggestions would be a great help.

  6. Ive got a good pc so Its really annoying when i lag. I was trying out a software called open broadcaster but it lagged so much in HD that I just couldnt go along with the streaming. It worked fine in very low quality but not in hd. Any suggestions :/