Kamis, 25 November 2010

Great taste

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Blue Sky Lemon Seltzer 12 Ounce

Rather than repeat the book jacket's description, which was accurate, I will tell you why I like this author's writing. This book lives up to his previous two. I'm waiting for more. Unfortunately I finished this one in 8 leisurely hours. His writing has a tendency to get me to do this.

This is not a preference of lazy readers, but a nice means of completing a scene, so you can digest it. Also does make for great breaking points when the real world interferes in your reading.
Many writers introduce a bunch of things that when the story is all done just hang unanswered. In this book as in the author's previous two books, you have your answers.
Okay, a breach, or worm hole is out there, artifacts way out there, but in the context of the book it is all explained.
As the author's previous book (Ghost Country) which I read before his first (The Breach) it stands alone. You get enough back story even if you have not read the first. There were a few references, that were not well explained (the Blackbird), that even if you had read the others, you would still be sketchy as it has been sometime, but for the most part, you have what you need. However I would say it is more fun to know the backstory.
Just like David Brin (Uplift Series, The Postman) does in many of his books, you are gradually taught what you need to know; to understand the universe you are being dropped into. This is a real skill. You get told what you need to know, when you need to know it, but not in a lecturing fashion.
The story moves along, you get the characters, why they do what they do. You also can anticipate some things. This is a cool thing that some great authors can do to make you feel smart. Dan Brown (DaVinci Code) is a master at this.

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  1. Really quenches your thirst, but you need to like seltzer water; I do. Top of the line.

  2. This is very refreshing and not sweet at all. Nice lemony soda water. If I want a bit more flavor, I just squirt in a small squirt of Mio or the WalMart equivalent. I have also mixed this with OJ and it tastes great. I use subscribe and save and have this delivered to my workplace to avoid dragging it in from home. I have a small frig in my office to keep them cold. :-)

  3. This water has become my new favorite beverage. I only drink water, and most of it is sparkling, so I have tried several brands. Blue Sky has all of the requirements I am looking for. It has the right amount of carbonation to maintain its sparkle, a light distinct flavor with no aftertaste, it is all natural, and it is affordable and available through Amazon Prime. I also prefer the 12 oz cans to the plastic bottles that many brands come in. It is now on my subscribe and save plan.

  4. Johnnie Carlson15 November 2012 13.32

    This is great seltzer water, and it's amazing it can be shipped so inexpensively from Amazon. Blue Sky moved from Santa Fe to California, but the product is still tasty. One person can drink several cans a day!

  5. Jeanne Blackburn29 Oktober 2013 12.32

    I love having this delivered to my door for no shipping and the cost is the same as the store, I would guess if I could find it that is. I love the peppy taste with no sugar or horrible additives. very refreshing and way better than fake chemical sodas.