Senin, 20 Desember 2010

Yes, it's that good.

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Time Without Consequence Alexi Murdoch

Another reviewer wrote that he loved the album but had a hard time staying with Murdoch in the emotional terrain that he mines in "Time without consequences". I can relate because Murdoch is a rare artist that can write soul wrenching lyrics of introspection and yearning and emotionally deliver them with his vocals. John Trudell, Michael Franti, Bruce Cockburn, and Bob Dylan are a few that come to mind with that rare combination of ablilities. It is road rarely travelled by most singer songwriters being that most don't have the ability or at best flirt with it instead of committing to it.
The album is bold and haunting being that most of the songs don't particularly have a chorus or normal song structures. The songs kind of ebb and flow culminating into min-folk orchestras by the end of some of them. Some of Alexi's lyrics can be unintenitionally challenging like "Sometimes I feel like I'm drowning... ...We'll actually most of the time" in "I had a dream I could fly". This music is intense and soul searching not for the faint of heart!!!

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  1. Do you now any good acoustic artists out there? I love acoustic music !! I am also into some indie-pop and indie-rock.

  2. Im looking for one soundtrack from Prison Break but cant find him anywhere (I checked all OST): Its always being played in certain situations when everything ends good, but its out of spite that I cant find some example moment. Maybe somebody knows Im talking about.