Sabtu, 18 Desember 2010

Music to my ears

shoes woman Flying Cowboys Rickie Lee Jones

Flying Cowboys Rickie Lee Jones

Was glad to receive this and played it almost immediately. Within the last year I purchased the SHM CD from Japan of this title and that was an improvement over the domestic issue. This was a digital recording so I was not expecting a vast improvement. Immediately upon starting the Audio Fidelity version I knew this was even better than the SHM CD version. There was more life to it and more punch when punch was there. All around this was a much better sounding issue. Let's hope Audio Fidelity continues to issue great sounding issues. Their recent Audio Fidelity release of Styx's The Grand Illusion Grand Illusionwas not anywhere near as good as the Japanese SHM CD version Grand Illusion (Mlps) (Shm). I would like to see some sort of consistency here, whether it be Audio Fidelity or Japanese but at this point there does not seem to be any, the wallet is just getting lighter due to this. I would rather buy the Audio Fidelity product only but there are times when the Japanese import is vastly superior.

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  1. Kelly Hatfield12 Oktober 2012 04.32

    i mean the 'what were the skies like when you were young' etc. is it a documentary and if so how can i find it cos i really want to see the woman cos she sounds really sexy?

  2. Do you think Rickie Lee Jones will be remembered someday like Billie Holiday and Nina Simone are remember now? How do you see her in relation to other female singers out there now?