Jumat, 24 Desember 2010


car stereo LG Electronics HBS 730 Tone Bluetooth

LG Electronics HBS 730 Tone Bluetooth

I have had mine for about a week now. I paired them first with my Iphone 4S, no problem at all. Took about 15 seconds. The sound is quite good, better than I expected, better in fact than my older wired Bose ear buds.

The range on the bluetooth is about what I expected, I easily get 30 or so feet of distance from my phone before sounds cut out.

As a phone headset it has been great, very comfortable and no issues with sound on my end or the other. I have been on several long conference calls and found no discomfort in wearing the headset for extended periods of time.

Still working out all the kinks using the multi-point capability, but I have successfully paired the headset with my Lenovo laptop (after loading the updated bluetooth driver from Lenovo).

Battery life seems fine so far, but a week of burn-in is not enough to make a full judgment on the battery.

I like it enough I have already recommended it to friends.

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  1. What brand? I'm looking to get some because I'm sick of getting the wires tangled and I don't wanna buy over ear headphones because I don't like them