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Devin Castile is Hot!

lens review A Terrible Love ebook

A Terrible Love ebook

My Rant:
This book was amazing, erotic and filled with action. The author painted the picture brilliantly. I love the way Marata wrote in the POV of the characters because it gave you the different views of the story being told. Jess was fragile and weak but has enough strength to continue on even if the life she was living now was a complete lie. Jess had a lot of personality but she kept it enclosed. She could not be who she really wanted to be without the fear of everyone figuring out who she really was. Jess was so used to her pretend alias that she forgot about life and enjoying it until she met Mitch and Devin. Mitch was hot but Devin Castile was the icing to the cake. What women wouldn't want any two men fighting over her especially when they are sexy as hell. Devin Castile seemed to start a heat wave any time the character came on the scene. He was yet hardcore but gentle at the same time. You love him and hate him because you feel like he is somewhat disconnected. Mitch was easy. He seemed to be the boy from around the way that made you feel safe. But by choosing from the two I say I would choose Devin just because I love Bad Boys. From the beginning of the book you long to hate Thad who is the villain of this story, and you wonder to yourself what made him the way he was. I mean some people are born disagreeable but I always seem to believe it is one catastrophic moment in their lives that tip the scale to the dark side. I always seem to say it is harder being good than it is being bad. Thad was the villain everyone could hate so easily, I should know I hated him from the minute I began book. But what made him the perfect villain was that his plots were really cunning. Thad had the ability to get away with murder because he was a genius at what he did. Marata engages you in the story but also keeps you guessing by the constant twist and turns to the schemes. The romance is off the charts when the character collide but the romance takes you on a roller-coaster ride when it appears the romance is a little one sided. The ending blew me away completely. I was emotional wreck trying to get through it. But when you get to the end you have a sense of satisfaction because things turn out the way you hope they would but your shocked at the ending because there is so much loss that you don't think there is an happy ending awaiting you.

My recommendation:
I rated this book 5 of 5 purple rant hearts. Marata is such a talented writer and through A terrible Love she has proven to her readers that she can easily be a writing chameleon. If you enjoy contemporary romance then you should definitely read this book.

FTC Disclaimer: I received this book for free from the author, editor, publisher, or Promo Host. This is my honest opinion about this book and I did not receive any monetary compensation for writing this review nor was I obligated to write a positive one.

Crystal R.
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  1. I love reading, but I am on my last book so I am looking for some ideas on what to read next. I just read Carrie Jones' series Need which I really enjoyed. I have read a bunch of series like that. I enjoy reading books with mythological things as long as the characters are moderately realistic. Any ideas young have let me know.

  2. Annette Fitzpatrick24 Oktober 2011 12.32

    I enjoy Twilight but I have already ready them all many times and I am not really looking for "immortal" rescuers. what I mean by alpha male rescuers is something like the boy and girl fall in love and something terrible happens to the girl (kidnapped, raped, cancer, etc.) and the boy has to rescue her. I also like the idea of true love and strong guys.

  3. I'm looking into getting an ereader and I want as much feed back on whatever kind you have. Cons and Pros of what you have and/or played with.

  4. Is there any way to?