Rabu, 15 Desember 2010

Wonderful Pastels

printed pencil skirt Mount Vision Pastel Company Thunderstorm

Mount Vision Pastel Company Thunderstorm

I've tried just about all the brands of pastels available now. In the scheme of things I'd rate these in the middle as far as hardness...maybe a touch closer to the hard side. They're airy, not dense (like Rembrandts)...and since I tend to like to press just a tad harder than is good for the very soft pastels (where I might get too much pastel in the paper), for that reason, I love them. I might compare them most closely to the Unisons. I find them invaluable for the majority of the painting, especially the first layers after the underpainting, then finishing with Schminke, Sennelier, Ludwig, or Great American. The colors are glorious...especially this set. You know how skies are often drawn too dark and too blue...well these are perfect for light sky and clouds, and moody winter skies. Truly lovely set. Also ordered the small light blue set...equally as beautiful in color and texture. The last set I presently have is the dark earth...yum! Have just ordered the large selection of landscape greens...can't wait to see how those translate. I'm impressed with these, especially for the cost. My intention is to use the Mount Visions as my workhorse set...the ones I can afford to replace frequently, and some of the very soft pastels for the finishing touches. I should also say I use sanded papers...mostly Ampersand Pastelbord, UART, and Wallis...great match!

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  1. Corrine Calhoun14 Desember 2013 02.32

    I bought the Mt. Vision Thunderstorm Greys set upon recommendation from several other pastelists. I have been very happy with this set. The colors are beautiful shades of gray that work well in my paintings. Really good quality pastels that are slightly harder than Unison or Ludwig pastels, but softer than Rembrandt. Found this set on sale through Amazon when their price was very competitive at the time.