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printed pencil skirt review Necco Sky Bar 36 count

Necco Sky Bar 36 count

I have been an Owl City fan for a few years and I was so excited when I got an e-mail (I'm on Adam Young's e-mail list) saying that he was releasing a CD of his earliest music recordings. I was hoping it would be the exact same as his other music. What is actually is is even better.
The first time I listened to the whole CD through I thought it was okay, but the second time through I fell head over heels in love. I can not stop listening to this album (and I got it in September). You can tell by listening to the music that it is Adam Young, yet it is distinctly different than Owl City music. The style is slower and the lyrics deeper. The songs are incredibly well written, reflect Adam's life, and completely draw you in. There is really no way of understanding the music unless you listen to it. It's absolutely beautiful. I listen to this album more than I listen to any other Owl City album. It is absolutely worth the money!

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  1. The candy came quickly and in great shape!! I bought it for my husbnd and he loves it!! Thanks!

  2. What better way to keep a kid out of trouble (for a while anyway) than to give her a Sky Bar!!!!

    I would eat specific parts of the bar first, knowing which flavors were under which segment of chocolate. But I WOULD eat the whole bar because I loved each and every segment (Well, I DID love some segments more than I loved the others)

    Candy Bars RULE -- and Sky Bars are one of the BEST!!!!

  3. This is my favorite candy from childhood, and even though it was partially melted when I received it (I live in Arizona and it is 113 degrees, so, duh!) I enjoyed it thoroughly. I opened all the bars, and broke the four pieces out and put them all in a big plastic bag. They went in the freezer to be enjoyed for months to come!!!

  4. Having grown up in Massachusetts, I grew up enjoying Sky Bars. I was probably my favorite treat when I saved up enough pennies to afford the steep price of 5 cents. Yup, I was born before 99.999% of America had a TV. I still enjoy having the four different fillings, especially the fudge. It's like having a poor mans four piece selection of Chocolates.

    The delivery was fast and the candy in perfect condition. Per bar, the price is about one half the price I paid at Cracker Barrel.

    Thank you Amazon and you wonderful retailers.