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shoes Mohu Ultimate Amplified Indoor Antenna

Mohu Ultimate Amplified Indoor Antenna

I live in San Diego and the antenna receives all of our TV Stations, including the subchannels like ME-TV, Cozi-TV, This-TV, and Antenna-TV. Additionally I receive KTLA out of Los Angeles which is over 100 miles away! KTLA is famous in this area for providing better Rose Bowl parade coverage than any commercial network. I also receive other stations from Los Angeles, including KNBC and KLCS (PBS). Being close to the border, I receive quite a few stations from Tijuana, Mexico (no surprise). I recently switched from Time-Warner Cable to DIRECTV, which is a better service in my area, but does not carry the subchannels broadcasting classic TV shows (Me-TV, Cozi-TV, etc). The Leaf antenna is a great supplement to my satellite service.

It did not work well initially when I placed it on the wall above the television. I wasn't able to receive all local stations and none at all from Los Angeles. I later taped it to a window and that improved reception 300%!!! Only a rooftop antenna would get better reception.

I was also very surprised at its very light weight. It's not much heavier than a regular edition of "Time" Magazine. Recommend finding a way to place it on a window. Tape will secure it fine.

Definitely worth the money. I am so pleased with this antenna that I ordered a second one for another room.

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  1. Beatriz Mercer15 Oktober 2012 12.32

    I bought this for my mom who has to have satellite to have any kind of reception where she lives. I read the reviews on the Mohu Leaf and decided to give it a try. Found the sweet spot to place the antenna, which only took a few minutes and then used the supplied velcro circles to mount it. She is currently pulling all the major local channels, which I think in our area is only about 9. I am glad that I got the amplified antenna as the reception is iffy or just flat out non-existent where she lives. Without the little amplifier signal was lost. I did try it in the city without the amplifier before taking it out to her house and it worked great.

    I really like that you can use a USB port on the TV to power the amplifier. Seems to be enough power as none of the channels we watched after getting it set up, never stuttered, pixelated, cut out or anything. Just clean, clear picture and audio. Flawless!

    She loves this thing. I'll be getting the non-amplified version for myself (I live in the city).

  2. This is an improvement over the Leaf. We were able to pick up more channels. We are pleased with the purchase and would recommend this item.

  3. If you live in a small town or rural area with UHF towers more than 40 miles away and VHF towers more than 15 miles away, get this antenna!

    I bought it as a replacement for a (very good) RCA 1650R, and what a difference! With the RCA, I received 7 out of a possible 12 channels. With the Leaf Ultimate, I receive all 12 channels with at least 60% signal strength (as measured by my TV). [I don't mean to bash the RCA 1650R. It costs $30 as opposed to $90 and is a good product. But the Leaf Ultimate is superior. As they say, you get what you pay for!]

    1. Great reception!
    1a. Although the instruction manual states the VHF range to be 20 miles, I am able to receive a local VHF PBS station 28 miles away!
    2. No need to make adjustments to account for location of channels (in other words, omnidirectional), although some trial and error is necessary in finding the best location in the room for the best reception.
    3. Antenna and amplifier are both VERY lightweight. Amplifier is detachable.
    4. Coaxial cable is detachable and 16 ft long. This provides more flexibility in antenna placement for the best possible reception, or to connect to TV via coaxial terminals on a surge protector.
    5. Amplifier can be powered by on-TV USB terminal, if your TV is so equipped. Saves power (amplifier is off when TV is off) and can be convenient if your ac mains is a bit far from TV.
    6. Very easy to hang on wall because it is so thin and lightweight.

    1. Expensive, but then it is worth it. [It's overkill if you live in a major metro area with TV towers within 30 miles or so.]
    2. You pretty much have to hang it on the wall. You can't place it on a table or TV stand (well, not in an aesthetically pleasing manner).