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A Great Adventure

car stereo review The Gentleman Rogue ebook

The Gentleman Rogue ebook

If you have ever wanted to quit your job, try something new, live somewhere different, this is the book for you. This bright and funny couple has done the things that many of us just dream about; living in Mexico, starting a business in Mexico and Australia, living aboard boats at times, all the while surviving on a shoestring and enjoying, always enjoying the adventure. Lots of practical advice, like how to survive a Mexican Jail, or make money for dinner, or cook some really great desserts too!

Although not a sailing adventure book, this true life journey that opens in a storm at sea had me white knuckled from the first chapter, when their sail from San Francisco to Puerto Vallarta is challenged by an epic storm with 40 foot waves and 50 knots of wind! Weather that would have challenged a boat 10 times the size of their 30 foot wooden sailboat, a storm that kept the skipper constantly at the wheel, and his mate down below handing up provisions. She was lucky; she didn't know enough to be terrified.
This is a must read for the armchair sailor, the cook, and the avid traveler. Great fun, Great read!

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