Senin, 17 Januari 2011

Strong, but not overwhelming

car stereo review Spiritual Sky Incense Sticks Champa

Spiritual Sky Incense Sticks Champa

This scope is extremely sharp through all ranges of the zoom lens which is 22x through 67x. You need a very sturdy tripod to use it, though, because of it's high magnification. With the PROPER NEUTRAL DENSITY FILTER I watched the transit of Venus on June 5. The tiny "finder" tube works, but do not use to aim at the sun! Use the shaddow. Focusing is easy and precise and the magnification allowed the image to fill most of the lens. A 500mm lens provides only a small image of the moon, but this scope fills the lens and you can make out lots of detail, even seening just the top of mountains that are hidden in deep shaddow. Attach a camera and get super photos.
Don't ever look at the sun direct or ever look through binoculars or telescope at the sun. If you do you won't ever see anything again, your eye will be burned to a cinder.!

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