Sabtu, 08 Januari 2011

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wedge sandals review The Joshua Tree Remastered

The Joshua Tree Remastered

This is worth every penny. The remastering sounds nice, on both the Joshua Tree and B-sides disc.. It's finally nice to have a great sounding version of "Deep In The Heart."

The Bonus DVD disc is where it's at though. You get a concert and a mini tour diary/documentary that totally sheds another light on the Joshua Tree era U2. If you weren't a serious fan in 87 you more than likely assumed, from what you saw of them, that U2 took themselves too seriously and weren't really fun at all.

The concert shows U2 in a different light than how Rattle and Hum showed them on film. The mini tour documentary shows them having fun, and seeing this now is so wonderful.

This was a wonderful package and hopefully older albums will be remastered and presented in this manner as well. I sure hope the WAR album is next!

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  1. i remember buying this album on vinyl in 1987,then again a few years later i got the cd,so why are u2 milking there fans and releasing again in three(yes-three) different formats with loads of bullcrap extras on it?whats up bono,using all your cash flying around the world trying to save it???