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Australia's much neglected rock music masters are back!

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Essential Oils Midnight Oil

This compilation to a certain extent confirms the impression I had that the four albums that Midnight Oil released during 1987-1996 are their strongest, in terms of melodic songwriting.

Something happened with the sound of the band with the "Diesel and Dust" album from 1987. Producer Warne Livesey was brought in to produce, and this probably explains some of the change towards a more melodic approach, with more acoustic guitars. The album contained the great "Beds are Burning", which probably is the best known song with the band. Five songs form this great album have been picked out for this compilation which serves the compilers to honor. All my favourites from the are found here.

The next album "Blue Sky Mining" from 1990 was also produced by Warne Livesey and this is probably their strongest and most consistent. It's represented by four strongs here; but in my opinion "Bedlam Bridge" should have been included too.

"Earth and Sun and Moon" from 1993 was almost as strong, with great songs such as "In the Valley" and the title, which has been left here. The three songs from the album are all worthy representatives of a great album, which was produced by Rick Launay two of the early albums. Soundwise, though, the album comes close to the two predecessors.

"Breathe" from 1996 produced by Malcolm Burn is a quite different Midnight Oil album, which does not really sound very like any of the albums before or those that came after. It's a great album which really grows on you when you get to know it. Only one song has been chosen for this compilation, which is really a shame. "Surf's Up Tonight" is a great song, but songs like "Home" and E-Beat" are just as strong and at least one of more track should have selected.

I only know about the final three albums through the last five tracks on this release, and based on them, it appears that the group's last album, "Capricornia" cannot be ignored.

Among the early tracks I have only few favourites, among those Kosciusko" from "Red Sails in the Sunset" stands out.

Midnight Oil was a great band, and I won't hesitate to call at least four of their albums "classics"

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