Rabu, 19 Januari 2011

Good CD.

handbags Mr Blue Sky Electric Orchestra

Mr Blue Sky Electric Orchestra

I wasn't sure what to expect, as I paid 1/5 the price of one at Verizon. the case is exactly as described. The blue is dead-on with my GS3. Feels sturdy, I like the soft but firm material very much.
Those who say the top and bottom aren't protected are somewhat mistaken. the top and bottom of the case back is flush with my phone so it would take the brunt of a fall. Also, not that it would be much protection, the flip door is bigger than the phone, so it is fully covered.
I'll update this review in a while, but I don't expect any problems. I love this flip case!

UPDATE 4.28.13:
Still looks and feels new. Nothing splitting, nothing coming apart/unglued, and I'm not gentle with my phone. One thing to keep in mind, the description says "one cad holder"...PAY ATTENTION to that notice. I put a second card in for one day and when I went back to one card, it still stays put mostly, but moves around more than I'd like.
This is TOTALLY NOT a product flaw! I didn't pay attention to this notice clearly stated in the description. Oh well, I like the orange one anyway, now I have an excuse to buy more! Still a five star product...especially at this price!

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  1. Something by Electric Light Orchestra like Mr. Blue Sky or tons of Queen songs... What are some other good rock opera songs? Preferably ones with big orchestra arrangements in them. Also, please provide a YouTube link for each song you say.

  2. mr blue sky please tell us why you have to go away for soooo looong what is the name of this song?