Selasa, 11 Januari 2011


buy kitchen faucets Propose Envelope Wallet Galaxy iphone

Propose Envelope Wallet Galaxy iphone

I was looking for something were I could also stash my Samsung galaxy SII phone and found this.
The seller responded promptly to my email about the colors I wanted.
I received this about 4 weeks earlier than expected
The colors that are displayed is what the colors actually look like, the feel of the wallet is stiff, not top notch quality but it was a good price and will do the trick. My phone was able to fit even with the cover I have on it. I bought the blue with pink inside and the khaki with blue inside. The blue has a matte look and the khaki is a bit glossy. Overall I am happy with the product and would recommend it. The only con was that the clamp that attaches the strap to the wallet was very stiff and I had to press down on it very hard to open it. It looked frail and I thought it would break, but no.

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  1. Francisco Jacobson20 Oktober 2011 11.32

    after using for couple days people have been asking they want one as well. I got you customers Generic. :) thanks for your service

  2. Sabrina Castaneda14 November 2011 14.32

    I just received mine in the mail I chose the mint green/light green it is so cute! The only down side was the smell when I opened the packging, No complaints as it was obviously brand new the smell did overpower me lol almost like some sort of bonding agent. To get rid of it just wipe it down with lysol wipes and let it air out over night. I will be ordering more soon!!!!

  3. So i ordered this product and was kind of sad that I would have to wait a couple of weeks to have it get to me. To my surprise it came in 2 weeks early from the predicted time. And that was an amazing plus. Not only was it delivered before the date but the wallet it so CUTE. Its a great size, beautiful and true to the color thats displayed on the pictures. Its not too big but not small. Phone fits perfectly and my ID, debit card, money and other important things fit. Im beyond pleased with my purchase.

  4. I really love this wallet. I have it in both light pink and sky blue. It took a while to get to me since it's coming from China, but it's worth the wait!

  5. It is smaller than we thought but otherwise, it is very good. The material seems pretty strong. She still uses it daily. She likes it.

  6. It's like a little mini handbag and its so convenient because you can wear the handle around your wrist so that u won't loose your device... I also like the fact tht you can put ur I'd money and credit cards in as we'll I will shop with u Guys again!!

  7. Just received this wallet purse and i loooove it. It is like the perfect size for carrying around when i dont wanna take my wallet. And its better because i can put my phone in it to! I am so excited to use it. The material does not feel cheap and i dont feel like its gonna break or rip any time soon. The only thing i dont really like is the strap. Its not that bad as to where i had to put 4 stars but its not my favorite part. Its kind of folded from being in the purse for too long but i can get used to it and it might straighten out over time. But this is totally worth my money :D

  8. Elisabeth Solomon29 Desember 2012 09.32

    its extremely cute
    its efficient
    its handy
    and it isn't to big

    perfect combination of a wallet and a phone case!

  9. This is the second one of these I've bought. So cute and an amazing price. Fits everything I need, including my phone. Its the perfect size to carry around on my keys as a wristlet.