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Silent Sky

watches woman Silent Reina Dessiner Mysteries ebook

Silent Reina Dessiner Mysteries ebook

This was my first ParkZone micro. I actually bought it as part of a RTF kit that Amazon doesn't stock anymore (or didn't when I wrote this review). This kit doesn't have a transmitter, so please be aware.

The plane is fully assembled in the box. You simply need to charge the battery, bind it to your 2.4Ghz Spektrum transmitter and you are basically ready to fly. Personally, I added some expo to the mixing to soften the feel of the plane, but keeping the full deflection of each control surface. Also added rudder mix to the ailerons to make nicer coordiated turns when being lazy and just flying the right stick (mode 2).

Flight times were well over 7 minutes on the original battery. I have purchased additional batteries from HK in China. They have 130mAh batteries that will allow for 8 - 10 minute flights with better power throughout. It does add a touch of weight, but not really an issue.

This plane will do most aerobatics (not 3D), but will slow nicely for touch and goes. I generally fly before I leave for work. I fly off the street in front of my home. Takeoffs are 3/4 power and level flight can be maintained at under 1/2 throttle. Full throttle is for getting out of trouble or for aerobatics, so not really used too much. I've been flying mine for about a year. The motor is just starting to show signs of wear and age. That's not bad for a coreless motor. Although I don't run her for hours on end, I'm very happy with the durabilty/longevity of the plane's hardware.

This is NOT A TOY. This is a full flying scale model. It will crash and break if you fly it without knowing what you are doing. Please take the time to learn to fly before jumping into this hobby. Best thing is to get a simulator and join a local flying club. Also, get yourself an AMA membership, it comes with a great magazine subscription and a million dollars of insurance (although flying in your front yard/street isn't covered).

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  1. I loved the book. It's one of those books that you pick up and don't put down till you've finished the book! Well written mystery and fun to have it set in the Seattle area as I was familiar with the landmarks, airports, and venues. I was sad to come to the end of the book as I was enjoying the adventure and didn't want it to end. Well done :)