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4 1/2 STARS ~ Excellent Science Fiction Film Hits the Mark!

mills review Oblivion Two Disc Combo Pack UltraViolet

Oblivion Two Disc Combo Pack UltraViolet

Over the course of the last few years, the science fiction genre of film has either provided major hits or complete misses. Depending on who's acting and who's directing, movie-goes appear to be fairly picky about which sci-fi films they're willing to spend their money on. In 2012, Prometheus took us back to the Aliens universe with critical and commercial success, while at the same time, Battleship and John Carter sank - ultimately drowning in a sea of misery. Speaking of sci-fi success, Tom Cruise has been a part of a handful of lucrative sci-fi endeavors, including Minority Report, Vanilla Sky, and War of the Worlds. Now, Tom Cruise is back once again with another pre-summer box office smash, Oblivion.

Directed by Joseph Kosinski (Tron: Lecacy), Oblivion stars Tom Cruise as Jack Harper, one of the few remaining survivors of the planet earth - half of which has been destroyed and deemed uninhabitable after a nuclear war with an alien species, known as Scavs (Scavengers). Harper, along with his partner and love interest, Victoria (Andrea Riseborough), are in charge of an operation to salvage and extract the last of earth's natural resources, prior to leaving earth and rejoining their fellow humans on a massive space station, called Titan. However, everything is not as it seems when Jack saves a woman, Julia (Olga Kurylenko) from the wreckage of a crash-landing - the same woman whom he has been having recurring memories and dreams. And, after making contact with the Scavs, Jack must uncover the secrets behind the organization for which he has been working and the reasoning behind his absent memory (which was mandatorily removed) . Morgan Freeman and Melissa Leo also star in supporting roles.

First and foremost, do not leave the theater when you see this film - and you absolutely should see this film. Oblivion is one of the films that will require your attention at all times, because it's extremely easy to miss a giant piece of the puzzle during a bathroom break or popcorn run. The film's plot is relatively easy to decipher by the conclusion of the film, however, there's more going on in this film that you can possibly interpret in one sitting. The introduction of the film crams a whole lot of information into your head to set up the present conundrum being tackled by Cruise's character, Jack Harper. Clearly, he's involved in a snatch-n-grab job, hastily attempting to remove earth's resources, while attempting to avoid any difficulties or interaction with the supposed villains, the Scavs. However, it's impossible to get specific about the majority of the film's plot points without spoiling the film.

Oblivion's cast is one of the most impressive features in this film and remains tremendously authentic from beginning to end in this enigmatic drama. Tom Cruise hasn't been this enjoyable in quite a long time and really finds his groove with his character. Reminiscent of the character from War of the Worlds, Jack Harper is mostly in the dark about the majority of the occurrences in this film and is often in over his head - yet somehow always manages to come out of each dire situation unscathed. On the other hand, his partner (Victoria) constantly finds new ways to be jealous in a world where she has absolutely no competition. At times, she can become an annoyance, but that's mostly due in large part to lack of her unwillingness to think outside the box (which is reserved solely for Tom Cruise's character). Finally, let's face the fact here - everything is better with Morgan Freeman.

By far and away, the most enjoyable moments of the film revolve around the CGI action sequences - which include some very intriguing and well-designed drones. These drones are the main agitators in a rather Empire Strikes Back-like flight batter which is also a nice flashback to Tom Cruise sitting in a cockpit in Top Gun. It's unclear whether or not the filmmakers meant to create a throwback sci-fi Top Gun-style chase scene, but regardless, this specific flight chase will have you wishing for a Top Gun sequel (which was sadly cancelled after the death of its original director, Tony Scott).

Overall, there's absolutely nothing in Oblivion that hasn't been done in some other sci-fi before it. Sure, it would be easy to say this is just another post-apocalyptic film with alien invaders, ultimately forcing humanity to unite for a greater good to defeat them. Yet, this film is much more complex than your average space-invaders film. It provides a busier (occasionally confusing) than usual plot (in Prometheus fashion), so if you look away, you'll most likely miss something important. But, if you play close enough attention to the plot points, you'll be able to tie everything together in a nice, pretty bow when the credits role - hopefully coming to the conclusion that Oblivion is a perfectly fun and enjoyable sci-fi film.

Overall Film Grade: A-

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  1. I am usually not a fan of Science Fiction. But I really liked this movie. It is visually stunning. The acting is great. The story is good. I like that it goes at a slower pace than most modern movies. The music was great. I will go see it again and buy the DVD when it comes out.....

  2. It has been quite some time since I have had the pleasure to see such a fantastic Sci Fi - Thriller. The story is smart and engaging, the film is incredibly detailed and stylistically mindblowing. It has been incredibly photographed and superbly edited. The actors are great as well. The soundtrack is pulse-pounding and atmospheric. So, I guess most of the professional reviewers who give this movie bad grades obviously have quite strange ideas what makes a film great and what doesn't, as far as I'm concerned I couldn't be happier with how Oblivion turned out. Great imagery is not contrary to good storytelling, in fact good movies tell aspects of the story through their visuals as is the case with Oblivion. I believe Joseph Kosinski is definitely the most interesting and talented director starting his career in the last few years for sure. I give this film my highest recommendation, and I am really diappointed that even a piece of work and art such as this mostly gets bashed by people who would probably never come up with anything like it themselves...

  3. Jessie Stafford18 Oktober 2012 11.32

    "Oblivion" is a love story. It's a love story about two people who love one another totally and it's a love story about a mans love for his home planet. I LOVE THIS FILM. "Oblivion" is made for Science Fiction Fans. I'm a Science Fiction Fan, and when it releases to Blu-ray DVD I'm buying it.

    American actor Tom Cruise plays character Commander Jack Harper. Jack lives to repair flying drones that hunt down and terminate all alien life forms remaining on planet earth after a war with them that has left our planet mostly scorched. Jack isn't alone with his quest. Living with him in his perfect high-rise in the sky is the beautiful Victoria played by (for me newcomer), English actress Andrea Riseborough. She is his companion and helpmate to keep the drones flying and in working order. Victoria loves Jack. They make an effective team.

    Tom Cruise's acting and that of the entire cast (including American actor Morgan Freeman and Danish actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), is excellent, compelling and solid. "Oblivion's" cinematography by Claudio Miranda is gorgeous with beautifully filmed surreal landscapes. It wow's you with excellent special effects, including scary flying terminator drones and Jack's really cool personal spaceship. All interior scenes of a devastated past world are expertly created by art director Ronald Reiss. Because of this "Oblivion" has a believable feel to it at all times.

    "Oblivion's" story line is the best part about this film. On it's surface it appears as a flashy Sci-Fi film. But it's much more then that. It's a deeply thought provoking tale about obsession, love and loss, fear and longing, lies and deceit, and cellular memory. At it's core "Oblivion" is a human drama about humanity and the essence of who and what we are. Questions about mans eternal soul came into question while I was watching this film. I enjoyed this refreshing brain tickler for a change from all the heavy action films that have been out of late. "Oblivion" at it's heart a love story. It's quality is higher.

    As many people know, all good stories have already been told. Now it's up to today's writers to find new ways to re-wright these stories. To re-package and present them to us as freshened up new stories. I think writers (Michael Arndt, Joseph Kosinski and William Monahan), did a fine job repackaging many previously used ideas in this screenplay. "Oblivion" is based on an "unpublished" graphic novel by the same name by Joseph Kosinski.

    Parts of this story were for me predictable, but a lot was not. Sometimes it's okay to think you've figured things out in a story. To believe just for a moment that you might know what will happen next within the plot line. Then be right enjoying the satisfaction of seeing your guess unfold before yours eyes just the way you were hoping it would. Or like with me being totally wrong in my guess and loving my mistake. "Oblivion" has a few surprises too.

    Also, I love "Oblivion's" beautiful original Motion Picture soundtrack. It is co-composed by Anthony Gonzalez and Joseph Trapanese. Susanne Sundfor of M.8.3. preforms it's hauntingly beautiful theme song.

    You won't be bored in this film. I have now seen it twice, and the second time was even better then the first. I highly recommend this film to all Science Fiction Fans. You will enjoy this one. Enjoy!

    Release Date: 19 April 2013
    Running Time: 126 minutes
    Rated: PG-13 ~ for brief strong language and some sensuality/nudity but tastefully done.
    American Science Fiction/Action Adventure/Mystery

    Grade: A-

  4. This is my first new science fiction movie I've seen in quite a while, and was well-worth viewing. The entire cast did a good job with acting performance, and visual and sound effects are excellent. In comparison to other science fiction movies such as Independence Day, the action in this one is much slower, but entertains from start to finish. The story is intriguing, and I was content with the part that Tom Cruise played. I've seen him in other science fiction movies, and his acting fits well within this thrilling story. There is enough events going on throughout the film to hold your attention, along with suspense for the final conclusion. Overall, enjoyable and highly entertaining. Recommended to all those who enjoy thrilling, science fiction movies!