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Non-Traditional Steampunk Romp

swimsuits reviews 9GreenBox Chinese Bonsai Years Ceramic

9GreenBox Chinese Bonsai Years Ceramic

I have recently purchased and watched this dvd. Do not be swayed by anyone who suggests this is a "double-dip" release from the BBC. I have both versions and have compared them. The original dvd version was released prior to the application of the VIDFIRE computer technology that is used now to restore all of the vintage Doctor Who stories. Therefore, there is a HUGE difference in the video quality between the first dvd version (2001) and this one. The difference is astonishing, all the more so if you could compare it to the unrestored version of this story originally released in VHS. The 2001 dvd does have a couple of bonus features which were not put on the current release, but most of them are there as well as many new ones. If you do not own this story yet, the current remastered dvd is clearly the one to get. If you already own the 2001 dvd, I urge you to get this new version as the improvement is remarkable. I am very glad I bought it, and now having had a chance to compare an original release to a remastered release, I will be buying the new versions of all of the vintage stories as they are issued. I was skeptical whether I should purchase, for example, the upcoming rerelease of THE SEEDS OF DEATH, but now I have no reservations whatsoever. The BBC is doing stellar work with this series. Buy with confidence.

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