Sabtu, 22 Januari 2011

Great Scope

wtches Culture Astronomy Geometry Science Religion

Culture Astronomy Geometry Science Religion

Overall, this is a great telescope for the price. I've been able to find things I wasn't able to find previously, like the Andromeda Galaxy, Hyades, Perseus Cluster etc.. The NexStar alignment procedures are a little tricky for newbies like me, I had to research other people's experiences with Celestron NexStar telescopes and be patient. It is very important to level the telescope properly, put in the correct latitude and time (Standard vs. Daylight savings). I would recommend using both internal batteries and some kind of external power source just in case. Once I was able to align the telescope, it worked as advertised, and aligned very accurately. I verified the alignment several times by going to known objects like the Moon or Jupiter or the Orion Nebula. Some photography is possible with this telescope, I'm still working on using the Wedge feature for greater tracking precision. Again, great telescope, sturdy tripod mount, and extensive deep sky object database, I'm happy so far.

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