Minggu, 22 Agustus 2010

Took my breath away

statement ring review Hopeless ebook

Hopeless ebook

This was one of the most beautiful books I've ever read. This was the first time I've ever had to put down a book to gather myself. And I had to do it twice. The plot twists will leave you breathless and needing a chapter break.

I fell hard for Sky and Holder right from the beginning. Sky is funny and cynical, her banter with the other characters had me cracking up.

Especially gay Mormon best-friend-in-the-world Breckin.

"I'm Breckin. I'm in an alliance to overtake the public school system and all its minions with your daughter."

I liked these characters and grew to live these characters and then fell so completely in love with Sky and Holder that I don't think I'll stop thinking about this book any time soon.

The way the fun moments are weaved together with the heavier, emotional moments made this book real. I didn't think it was possible to craft a more loving, beautiful guy than Will Cooper. I was so wrong. Dean Holder was wonderful. I actually cried at one of his lines about two-thirds through. I won't ruin it but seriously. Get your highlighter ready.

One of my favorite lines:

"It was all I needed to let go of the awkwardness. A good slap on the ass." - Sky

I can't wait to see what Colleen Hoover has next.

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  5. Can you create your own ebook and display it on tumblr for people to read? It may seem like a simple enough question, but I'm hopeless with tumblr, haha. If you can't display an ebook are there any sites that let you format your own digital copy of a book I could link to tumblr?

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