Jumat, 27 Agustus 2010

Our absolute favorite for reading aloud.

swimsuits Bubble Trouble Margaret Mahy

Bubble Trouble Margaret Mahy

This book is a beautifully woven together rhyming account of a small town's adventure when a young member accidentally blows a bubble that catches a baby and the baby starts floating away. The whole book uses rhyme schemes and onomatopoeia to tell a story of one town's adventure to rescue a young member. I For teachers, I would say this book would be best to read to younger audiences and to use a lot of various voices and excitement. The pictures are colorful and action filled so young children will be captivated by the adventure. The story flows well and introduces many new characters throughout and ties everything together at the end in a way that the audience can understand and the children can be excited about. The book is the perfect length for storytelling to a young crowd of maybe kinder through second graders.

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