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Heartbreakingly real

watches woman The Sky Is Dead ebook

The Sky Is Dead ebook

I have to say at the outset that I am huge fan of Sue Brown's work. I have read virtually all her offering s and loved them all. Some more than others of course, as is the way of things.

But this particular story of Danny and Harry touched at my heartstring s and took me to a place deep inside myself where I really felt grateful for what I had and for where I'd come from.

Danny is a gay, eighteen year old homeless boy, sleeping rough under a bush and just trying to survive. Kicked out of home when he was sixteen for kissing his boyfriend on New Year's Day, Danny finds himself having to make his own way in what is a very tough world. He trusts no one, doesn't let himself get attached to anyone because he's loved and lost before. He does what he can to survive and some of it he's not proud of.

And then Harry bumbles into his life. Sixteen year old Harry, an innocent in Danny's world, but a boy who makes his presence felt and decides that Danny needs his help. From that point on, their two lives become so intertwined and Danny finally starts to learn to trust people again. Then Danny's heart is broken again and he vows to never let himself be vulnerable again.

It sounds as if Danny is destined for loneliness but that really isn't the case at all. This is an uplifting, beautifully written story, sketched with compassion and love, and a lot of tear jerking moments. The characters are masterfully drawn, with all their flaws and strengths and Danny himself is a wonderfully example of a character that simply breaks your heart and makes you want to hold him tightly and tell him everything will be all right. His strength, his quirks and his ability to rise above his life on the streets is inspiring .
Suffice it to say, I was rooting for Danny to be happy all the way through this book. When he finally manages to find his happiness, in a way I won't tell anyone about as it would spoil your enjoyment of the journey of `getting there', I did shout out aloud in glee that what I'd hoped would happen, happened.

It is a story of adversity and how people can overcome it just by a strong sense of self and help from others who care without judging others for their sexual persuasion or their beliefs and value system. This is something we should all aspire to and promote wherever we can.

The author is a skillful storyteller, weaving a tale of real people in real situations and I applaud her ability to tell us about what's in her imagination in such a way.

Reviewed by Susan Mac Nicol

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