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Great wire, Great price

kitchen sinks undermount review RCA AH16100SR 16 Gauge Speaker Wire

RCA AH16100SR 16 Gauge Speaker Wire

Mark Whiteway is on fire! He not only continues to write great fiction but appears to be picking up some serious steam with this storyline. This fourth novel; Seeds Across the Sky; is a little different than the three previous novels, but just as amazing! This story includes a lot of really important background details about the history of the different races and the events leading up to the current storyline of the other books in the series.
Whether you're jumping into the Lodestone series with Seeds Across the Sky, or a continuing fan of the story, this is a real page-turner!
Many of the new (or rather, quite old) characters portrayed in this cleverly-told Ancient Kellani story hold new and exciting key information regarding the past and future of the inhabitants of the Planet Helvena.
Keris is confronted with some very impressive; and perhaps life-changing; information that will keep you on your toes. Along with being well defined, these new characters are also an impressively likable crew! I've really enjoyed this series so far, and am now legitimately hooked!

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  1. These wires worked great. One wire has a stripe on it so you can tell them apart.

  2. There's not much to say about this speaker cable except that it works as advertised. This was the perfect amount to configure a 5.1 setup in my small living room. The cable is thick (definitely appears to be 16-Gauge) and it works. No complaints, especially for the price.

  3. At time of purchase, was BEST price for true 14 gauge speaker wire (CAUTION: cheaper brands may be deceptive and count the wire coating with the wire as the guage size- VERY deceptive)

    - True 14 gauge (if you need this gauge for the length of your particular run)
    - Well marked polarity
    - No nonsense quality wire (read reviews about physics of electric current etc and realize the low oxygen, super shielded, etc are just that- hyped marketing. i.e. Wouldn't buy Monster wire or cables unless your friends check out your brands and measure the height of your ceilings on the second floor to make sure you didn't go cheap.)

    - As another reviewer noted could be marked every foot for measurement purposes (this was not important to me).

  4. Geraldine Becker25 November 2011 12.32

    grear wire,love how it has a white line so u can teel the difference between both wires,its a little to thin for larger speakers,i recommend the 14 ga., but its easy to hide and is great for satellite speakers

  5. Marcus Griffith13 Oktober 2012 04.32

    Nothing special about this wire, marked white on one side. the casing is pretty thick. The wires on inside are really thin. its pretty easy to cut through the wire if youre not careful. sound fine, no complaints. good price. would recommend these.

  6. Joshua Terrell28 Oktober 2012 11.32

    I recently purchased 16 gauge RCA speaker wire through Amazon and connected my home theater speakers with it. The sound quality is great and the price was also. I would highly recommend this wire to those of you who want great sound for a great value...Thank you Amazon!!

  7. Save your money and buy this. Dont pay for monsters advertising......Have bought them many times after falling for all the hype. Nonsense, these are quality and a great value.