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Acer H6510BD

shoes Acer H6510BD Theater Projector White

Acer H6510BD Theater Projector White

I recently bought the Acer H6520BD projector and a 120" screen. I had read several articles about budget projectors and narrowed my decision to a Benq and the Acer projector. The Acer Projector was $200.00 less and was rated brighter than the BenQ so I made the choice to save the $200.00 and buy the Acer Projector.

I was reluctant to buy a projector,infact I was never impressed with the the picture quality of projectors in the past. I decided to buy a projector due to recent articles noting picture quality and brightness have improved over the past few years.

Review- I have only watched the projector for a limited time, as with any projector the picture will wash out with light. This is not an issue for me as I have a darkened room and mostly watch movies at night. The picture is very bright and colors are crisp, I have to agree with the recent articles that projectors have greatly improved over the past few years. I have a flat screen and older Samsung 67 projection television with a LED light engine(I always thought this was the best projection television made due to the bright LED light). I am impressed with the projectors picture and feel the picture brightness and clarity is in the same class as the flat screen and projection television and this is on a 120" screen.

I have not used 3D yet, so I cannot give an opinion.

Overall, if you are in the market for a budget projector with a bright clear picture, I believe you will be happy with the Acer.

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