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drinkd reviews Lodestone Book Four Across ebook

Lodestone Book Four Across ebook

Mark Whiteway is on fire! He not only continues to write great fiction but appears to be picking up some serious steam with this storyline. This fourth novel; Seeds Across the Sky; is a little different than the three previous novels, but just as amazing! This story includes a lot of really important background details about the history of the different races and the events leading up to the current storyline of the other books in the series.
Whether you're jumping into the Lodestone series with Seeds Across the Sky, or a continuing fan of the story, this is a real page-turner!
Many of the new (or rather, quite old) characters portrayed in this cleverly-told Ancient Kellani story hold new and exciting key information regarding the past and future of the inhabitants of the Planet Helvena.
Keris is confronted with some very impressive; and perhaps life-changing; information that will keep you on your toes. Along with being well defined, these new characters are also an impressively likable crew! I've really enjoyed this series so far, and am now legitimately hooked!

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  1. I read 'The Lodestone Trilogy' and was eagerly awaiting the next instalment. The fourth book in the Lodestone series is an epic journey across space. The story becomes even more interesting, with completely new characters. If you like science fiction, then you should read this book as well as the earlier books in this series. I was totally lost in the story, from the beginning to the end. I couldn't put it down and l am looking forward to more in the same universe since, as the the conclusion to the fourth book shows, there is clearly more to come. The series just keeps getting better and better. Fabulous writing. Both adults and teenagers would enjoy this book. Highly recommended for SciFi and fantasy lovers, and especially for those who enjoy epic works like Lord of the Rings.

  2. Scifi books are one too many but the Lodestone Series is in a league of its own. I started on the first book by accident but got hooked almost immediately. Now on the fourth installment (Seeds Across The Sky), it still makes me want for more of the action and suspense I've come to expect from the series. Mark Whiteway is a gifted writer. The plots are reverting and the end always ties up well.

    The series' strong points are probably the setting and how the characters are made and described. Even though most of the characters are fictitious figures, you can form a vivid picture in your mind just by his words.

    For those who are interested in scifi books with a great storyline with full blooded characters, this series is for you. For me, the Lodestone Series is a must especially during long trips and rainy weekends. Be warned though, once you start, you won't be able to put it down until the very last page! Happy reading!

  3. Just blew through this book, amazing storyline and well thought out characters, can't wait for the next installment of this facinating adventure.

  4. Seeds Across the Sky is the fourth book in Mark Whiteway's popular science fiction Lodestone chronicles. In this latest installment we find Keris, head of the Division of Maintenance of World Order, investigating the thief of an artifact. Her investigation leads her to a bar and Alexander Edward McMann, the last human on Kelanni. He produces the artifact she looking for and reveals how her people came to be known as the Kela-nesh-hannani, those who have been cast out. Curious to find out this knowledge she follows him to an ancient archive where she listens to a sphere log that tells the story of how the Helvenian people came to be the Kelanni. From the first time that Keris plugs in the sphere and we hear the voice of Zemira as she keeps us spellbound with tale of her first meeting with energy being called Ash, the events that lead up to desperate group of Helvenians being launched into space and their struggles to survive. Throughout the telling of her story we find ourselves emotionally ivested as Zemira reluctantly co-operates with Ash but keeps a suspicious eye on him until she can figure out his ultimate goal and just how it will impact the Helvenian people. Zemira knows that she will eventually have to challenge Ash but not until she discovers how far his influence goes and the limits of his power.

    Mr. Whiteway uses the element of suspense extremely well in this book not just with the mysterious Ash and what are his plans are, but who is responsible for the explosion on the the solar sailing vessel known as the lattice and who betrayed Zemira's plan to return to Helvena. One of my favorite parts and another example of the use of suspense is the epic battle between what has become known as the rimmers, Zemira and the others that have been exiled to the outer circles of the lattice, known as rimmers, and those living near the center, known as hubbers.
    I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys science fiction involving space travel, conflicts between good and evil or just the struggles to overcome prejudices.

    I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars

  5. Lodestone Book Four "Seeds Across The Sky"

    I was amazed that the author was able to take us to a new dimension in the fourth installment of the series. One filled with so many twist that anyone who has read the first three books of this series will be surprised.

    The book can also stand alone, but I recommend that people go back and read the other books first. In the weak economy we are facing here in the USA, buying books can be a luxury. I would say if you like science fiction, you have come to the right place.

    I have been surprised by what happens in this book, but never disappointed. A tremendously likable book. The way this book ended I can see where there needs to be at least another book in the series.

    I would buy this book, as well as the other three. In fact this would make a great movie or television series.
    Reviewed by Sandra Heptinstall

    Rated G

  6. Wonderful story by a great author. I have enjoyed the whole series and recommend to sci fi fans. Great reading!

  7. Having previously read the other books in this series by author Mark Whiteway, I was excited to get started on Seeds Across the Sky! I immediately liked the way the plot began, as well as Zemira, the lead female character. I really enjoyed how the author weaved both mystery and suspense into the story, while keeping a perfect balance between good and evil. As expected, there were elements of science fiction, similar to the other books in the Lodestone Series. What I did not expect, though, were the excellent twists and turns that developed as the story progressed. Of all the Lodestone books, I can say that this one is my favorite by far! I highly recommend this fourth book, as well as the others by the author in this series. Each one is a well-written story with strong characters that will keep you engaged through every chapter. Whether you read them all together (as I have done) or just read this book alone, you are sure to be impressed!

  8. Colleen Garrison26 Desember 2013 02.32

    I loved Mark Whiteway's Lodestone series, and I was delighted to find this fourth book, "Seeds Across the Sky". Whiteway rekindles my love for a good scifi story with his brilliant work, and I found every bit of it to be must-read material. Pages turned until there were no more, and I still find myself hoping that I'll get to read another.

    "Seeds Across the Sky" brings to mind a novel combination of ideas and possibilities as children from a particular caste are brought into a thrilling tale in which a nearly immortal creature has brought his considerable forces to bear to manipulate and direct an entire race so that one day he might physically return to his homeland and escape his completely incorporeal existence.

    The characters in this book are not only genuine, but highly lovable (or despicable, depending on the character), and I found myself quickly rooting for children who had just been introduced to the story, if for no other reason than the realistic and heartfelt way that they are introduced. The dialogue is spectacular, taking aspects of real interaction into account, and giving just enough information and description without spoiling the sense of believability or foretelling too much of what is to come.

    I did find myself predicting at least some of the plot early on, but nevertheless found myself rapidly turning pages and soaking in the material just to see if I was right. Many twists and turns later, I realized that the ride this book took me on was well worth the time spent reading it.

    I have now read my fourth Mark Whiteway book, and can't wait to dig into the fifth, sixth, and upteenth as his career segues onto every mainstream scifi scene I can think of, and likely quite a few more that I can't.

    My thanks to Mr. Whiteway, and best wishes for continued excellence. This book should be a NY Times bestseller!