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Great product, very easy to setup and use

gps review Celestron NexStar 127SLT Mak Computerized

Celestron NexStar 127SLT Mak Computerized

I have got beautiful, crisp visuals from this scope using my 10mm Baader eyepiece. Star clusters, double stars...Lots of things show up well in this scope and the 5 inch aperture is not like what a 10 or 12 inch dob can offer in terms of light gathering ability and giving you a large image of a planet or whatever your observing but there are some benefits to using a scope like this.

1. Its lighter than larger scopes and very transportable.
2. Larger scopes and faster f # or f ratio may need collimation often, this scope is SOLID! You may never need to adjust the factory collimation on this one.
3. GOTO is handy, but learning the bright stars in the sky and constellations is still a necessity....A Celestron SkyScout can aid in learning the sky. There is even the SkyScout Connect that can hook up from this scope to a Celestron SkyScout and it fills in the GPS, time and location questions for you.

Tips - You'll need dark skies to observe bright nebulae the best! Rechargeable batteries DO WORK..I use duracell. Getting an extension cord and using a power adapter that plugs into a household outlet is a good idea! They have car cig light adapters for power too!

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