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WEDDING Invasion of Grenada

Invasion of Grenada

OMG...What an AMAZING debut novel. E.L. Montes knocked it out of the park on this one. This was a love story but not your typical hearts and flowers type love story. This book kind of reminded me of Bared to You in the sense of the Hero and Heroine were very dysfunctional and flawed. This was definitely a roller coaster of emotions. Marcus and Mia's relationship reminded me of Eva and Gideon in the respect that they probably shouldn't be together but for some reason they just work well together. I do feel that Marcus and Mia's relationship was rushed a little in the beginning, it wasn't insta-love but it did happen over a very short period of time. I truly loved the suspense element to this story. Ms. Montes kept me guessing until close to the end. I had a feeling about it and was partially right. The suspense made me want to keep turning the pages, I just had to see what Marcus was hiding and how things would turn out. I was happy with the ending knowing that there will be another book to follow. I would say that this book is a HFN (happy for now) ending, with not really a cliffhanger but an epilogue that segues into the next book. You could definitely read this book without driving yourself insane waiting for the next one. With that said I am anxiously awaiting the next book, I can't wait to see where she takes Marcus and Mia. They have a long road ahead of them. This is a MUST READ!!!!! One for my favs shelf:)

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  1. I understand the history behind the U.S. invasion of Grenada, but i do not know who were the key players of the United States in deciding to go to war? what was the role of the nsc, state department, reagan, etc.

  2. Specifically his invasion of Panama, Grenada, and Nicaragua. Do you think he was cruel, fair, or it was effective. Do you think he should have intervened to stop anti- communism?

  3. I know there's the Cuban Missile Crisis and the US-Invasion of Grenada, but were there any wars/conflicts that the Cubans were in that didn't involve the US directly during the Cold War? I heard they had a war over in Africa, right? What was it called? And if I'm incorrect, please fill me then! Was there any wars during the Cold War that Cubans may have actually fought Americans, too? Just American military against the Cuban military?

  4. Hugh Mclaughlin25 Oktober 2012 12.32

    I have to find details on whether the invasion of grenada was a just war, and all jus in bello rules were applied. Help anyone?

  5. Adrian Strickland29 Oktober 2012 08.32

    I note that the US military claimed that the so called construciton workers were actually made up of Cuban special forces. However, Col. John Boyd claimed that it was all a whitewash by the mililtary and the force was actually made up of construction workers. failures in intel and coordination were whitewashed by claiming that significant forces were actually arrayed against the US military in Grenada. Which is the true version? If they were construction workers, how could they put up resistence? were they armed? Tq

  6. Alberto Gonzalez26 November 2013 12.32

    I am doing a dissertation on the independence of Grenada/ the invasion of Grenada, and want to find out what museums in England, mainly London ones, would have primary sources that i could go and look at/ use for my dissertation. I thought there should be some in Britain as they granted Grenada independence. i thought they must keep some records somewhere.