Rabu, 13 Oktober 2010

The Kings of Metal Have Returned!!!!

camera review God Is Dead

God Is Dead

Ok, I just listened to the song. I wish I would have not read the reviews. I sat there after that and thought "great something I have been wishing for since the Reunion cd and it is going to suck" And I have never been happy to be wrong in my life. This song was awesome in everyway possible. I have no clue what people are talking about. This was exactly what people have said "Satanic Blues". And I am not giving them a free pass. Not even when I know Tony is getting chemo. I still expect them to do a great job. And not only is the passable and professional. It is amazing and it is classic Sabbath. Yes I say that, but with a caveat. Understand that something that can be classic with also bring ing something new to it. I would rather have change than the same thing over and over. If you want that then just listen to the albums already out. And enjoy those. For me I am looking forward to "13". June cannot come long enough. But hey at least my birthday is the 8th..so nice birthday present.

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  1. If they believe that God doesn't exist, so be it its their choice. They should depend their stand but I am confused when a claiming atheist comment that God is dead when they believe that God did not exist.

  2. Rosario Schneider30 November 2010 13.32

    In James Morrow's book, "Towing Jehovah," God's mile-tall corpse is found floating face-down in the ocean. The book goes on to explore people's reactions to this. If God's corpse was found tomorrow and you knew for an absolute certainty that God was dead, how would your life change? Would your behaviour be any different if you knew there was no afterlife, and that no one was secretly watching you to judge your private thoughts and behaviour?

  3. Tonia Hutchinson14 Oktober 2011 12.32

    Friedrich Nietzsche discards the old rules of the ancient world and declares that "God is dead." What do you think he means by this statement? Why is God dead and what does he suggest should be the guiding principle leading to a new moral and ethical social universe? Why does he call his essay,"Morality as Anti-Nature"? What kind of man does Nietzsche think is moral?

  4. Wayne Dickerson27 Oktober 2011 10.32

    Now, how can the Universe work if God is dead?

  5. Is God dead if i disobey my religion?

  6. I asked last time and people god dead confused. All I want to know is if you can record a show on HD on your Virgin Box and some how transfer it to your pc? Would be a huge help!