Kamis, 28 Oktober 2010


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The Soul Night Astronomical Pilgrimmage

I was skeptical of a health-foodie soda of all things! I initially tried this when a friend got it for a gathering . Not only is it good for you: using stevia, no calories, no sugar--it is really delicious!


-Delicious flavor: Ginger Root beer is my favorite
-No calories, no sugar is great. I don't like drinking soda because it is so bad for you, but since this is all natural, it is great to be able to have it as a refreshing snack or with bbq food or comfort foods! I usually steer away from diet foods because they lack in flavor and constantly remind me that I made a "DIET" choice instead of a happier choice, but Zevia has succeeded in making a happy, healthy drink.
-Stevia does have a distinct taste or lingering sweet taste on the tongue that is definitely not the same as real sugar. It's not unpleasant, but it is just a different palate experience. I actually like it! I normally don't use stevia in my drinks, especially hot drinks, because of this difference, but this soda really uses it well.
-Addictive in a great, refreshing way :)

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  1. I found this book at my local library, and really didn't want to give it back! Being on a budget, I was hoping I'd find a good deal on Amazon, if I could find it at all. Mission accomplished! The book, published in 1985, is both a nostalgic look back on the time before smart phones ruled our lives, and a romantic journey of the stars, most of which occurs without a telescope. We hear stories of ancient astronomers of Greece and China, who could only imagine the beauty of the other side of the sky, laced with the authors own reminiscence of stargazing as a child. Highly recommended!

  2. I have to add my five stars for THE SOULD OF THE NIGHT. As a scientist, reader and Christian, I found this book absorbing. Raymo has a marvelous way with words and an interesting viewpoint on the sciences.

  3. I read this book for a college course on Ecocriticism and was totally spellbound. I read it in one sitting and it made me crave for that feeling you get while standing under the stars--realizing how small you are--and how infinetly wonderous at the same time. Everybody should read this book, it is beautiful and important for understanding humankind's place within nature.