Rabu, 06 Oktober 2010

Great new record from an old favorite...

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Simple Mind Condition Trouble

I bought this when it first came out in 2007 (not 2009 like the web page states) and listened to it constantly in my car for over a month... then let it sit in a pile of CD's for awhile (while getting acquainted with a new gf), before getting it back into the CD player, and rediscovering what an absolutely brilliant record this is! (yes, I'm kinda old that way, still call 'em 'records', haha)
No matter the song, hard, soft, heavy, mellow, folky, classic doomy metal, hippyish....the music seems to be perfectly done. Vocals, guitars, drums, everything is spot on.... I've always loved the guitar tones and textures and contrasts of Franklin/Wartell and the guys don't let me down here. They can play in tandem, play harmonies, swap between rythm and fills/leads, it's as flawless as ever, and better than most I've heard...right up there with Tipton/Downing IMHO...
Anyway, good songs, great vocals, awesome riffs, and not a 'click thru' song on the CD... I can sit and drive, listen, and not get to a piece I don't wanna hear!
I just finished listening to the old faves Black Sabbath Vol. 4 and Black Sabbath 1...and this follows nicely, doesn't seem out of place with the old Doom favorites...
Also, it's nice to see that my all time favorite Trouble Album, 1990's 'Trouble' is now available here as an MP3 download, so no more looking for $50-60 CD's on EBAY!!!
Highly recommended!!!

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