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trailer Flat Out Matt Jessica Park

Flat Out Matt Jessica Park

I recently read and greatly enjoyed Jessica Park's book Flat-Out Love. I start by saying this only because Flat-Out Matt MUST...I repeat MUST...be read AFTER reading Flat-Out Love. This was a great companion book to Flat-Out Love, and I'm glad I was able to read both so close together. Also, please let me note that I do my best to not spoil any of Flat-Out Love, but it might not be totally avoidable. Read with caution.

This book was an essential addition to my enjoyment of FOL. While I enjoyed a majority of that book, the chapters in Flat-Out Matt that were told in Matt's POV enhanced my understanding of the romance in the story. I feel that seeing the same events but from another character's view gave new insight into things. It's also a great story to see various side from due to the nature of things.

What was also a great part of FOM was the prequel chapters and the chapters near the end. From these chapters and the rest of the ones included in this book, I grew to admire Matt more than from FOL alone. I also think that having only a select few chapters "re-told," instead of the entire book, was a great choice by the author. It gives just enough of what a reader might want to relive but doesn't provide too much which could kill the enjoyment of reading something "again.

I'm not normally a reader who'd want to read a story from a different character's point of view. For the most part, I feel that a story is told from one POV (if it's a one POV type of book) for a reason and shouldn't be touched, but I'm glad I picked this one up. Flat-Out Love is still in my mind even a week after finishing it. It's story will stick with me for quite a while. Now that I've finished Flat-Out Matt, I feel that there's even more to enjoy about the story/stories. Park's book(s) will definitely be in the running for favorite books of 2013 when the time comes.

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