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Root beer is great, avoid the cola.

camera review Zevia Natural Ginger Frustration Package

Zevia Natural Ginger Frustration Package

I was skeptical of a health-foodie soda of all things! I initially tried this when a friend got it for a gathering . Not only is it good for you: using stevia, no calories, no sugar--it is really delicious!


-Delicious flavor: Ginger Root beer is my favorite
-No calories, no sugar is great. I don't like drinking soda because it is so bad for you, but since this is all natural, it is great to be able to have it as a refreshing snack or with bbq food or comfort foods! I usually steer away from diet foods because they lack in flavor and constantly remind me that I made a "DIET" choice instead of a happier choice, but Zevia has succeeded in making a happy, healthy drink.
-Stevia does have a distinct taste or lingering sweet taste on the tongue that is definitely not the same as real sugar. It's not unpleasant, but it is just a different palate experience. I actually like it! I normally don't use stevia in my drinks, especially hot drinks, because of this difference, but this soda really uses it well.
-Addictive in a great, refreshing way :)

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  1. I am currently drinking my second can of Zevia Root Beer, having managed to sneak it away from my three kids. It's got a rich, full flavor and plenty of fizz--all our cans did.

    I left a fuller review on their Cola entry, but everything I said there stands for this variety, as well. It's just as good as either sugar-full or sugar-free brands, but is not bad for you, and even good for you because of the stevia, which can help regulate blood sugar.

    Makes a killer float, too, with my own homemade sugar-free artificial sweetener-free ice cream.

  2. These Amazonian demons got me hooked on this, and now there's none available at regular prices. Tried Hansen, and that's ok, but like this one better.

  3. Really love the root beer. Also like the ginger ale, but think the root beer is my favorite.

    I tried the orange and didn't like that very much.

    There's a new one Dr. Zevia, that looks very good, like Dr. Pepper I guess, that has caffeine if you want caffeine, but I haven't tried that one.

    I find the Zevia very refreshing and great. At first there was a very slight unusual taste, but I quickly got used to it and now really like it. Especially since it is zero calories and no bad things in it, like aspartame.

    Not sure why some of the Zevia's qualify for no shipping and others have a large shipping fee. I always look for the ones with no shipping fee and that is how I tried the root beer.

  4. This soda is amazing! The True Ginger Root Beer Flavor is delicious! If you have a member with type 1 or 2 diabetes, or your just trying to stop drinking artificial sweetners like aspartame, nutrasweet or even sweet and low, then this is the NEW soda you will LOVE! Imagine taking a sip of a truly delicious ginger root on a hot summer day. The quench you can feel all the way down your throat as you swallow. Upon entering into your body you feel energized and ready for your next task. Imagine no calories, no harmful artifical flavorings. This has been a real treat to find. No matter what the price,, you deserve to try this and see if this soda will help your body.

  5. When I found out about this product from Jorge Cruise's site, I couldn't wait to try it. It took many visits to specialty stores (names obtained from the Zevia website) before I finally found one that had just two cans of the Ginger Root Beer in stock. I bought both cans, even though I never really drink root beer. After tasting Zevia Ginger Root Beer, I love root beer now! This is my favorite flavor, even over Cola and Orange (haven't had the Twist, yet).

    Everything in the Ginger Root Beer is natural, and there's no caffeine (like the Cola, even though it's supposed to be natural caffeine). The cola is my next favorite that I have occasionally. I did not care much for the orange, it tasted artificial and not very orangy-tasting. I highly recommend the root beer flavor, though.

  6. I finally found this soda at a local store. Not much on the shelf. I tried the zevia regular cola (bad aftertaste) the root beer one (this is my favorite) and the orange one (good). I didn't get the lemon/lime one. This rootbeer one is delicious. No aftertaste like the cola one has. I love rootbeer so I will continue to buy it. It is expensive at $1 a can and for the 6 pack it cost me $5.99 with no tax on it. It is a much better alternative to the diet sodas out there. I don't use artifical sweetners or have sugar in my diet except for stevia. I hope the price gets lower as other stevia colas come onto the market.

  7. I really like the ginger root beer, and have just ordered a case. But the cola was awful; had a bitter taste.

  8. My wife and I have tried the four flavors of Zevia and we both have this as our favorite. Using Stevia instead of sugar or the common sugar substitutes is great. The price is OK. It would be nice if Amazon could make a deal with Zevia to offer "FREE with Super Saver Shipping" in the future. At this time the $9.89 shipping makes the price less attractive.

    When we drink "traditional" soft drinks we mostly drink diet drinks. We get Diet Dr. Pepper and Diet Pepsi (when available at places like restaurants) as first choices. I tolerate Diet Coke when I want a diet soft drink at a restaurant and none of the above are available. Although, I may also get a non-diet soft drink if that is the case. I included some of the other drinks we like, since taste is subjective. Hopefully if you like the above drinks, Zevia's Root Beer may be to your liking.