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tablet review BestDealUSA Powerful Green Pointer Bright

BestDealUSA Powerful Green Pointer Bright

I'm a novice who's starting to learn more about photography, and I needed a remote release to take some long shutter photos.

I was searching online and found out the Canon equivalent of this remote shutter release would cost somewhere around the twenties to thirties, which wasn't what I was ready to pay for. So after researching a little bit more, I found this little gem.

Note: THIS WORKS WITH CERTAIN EOS MODELS ONLY, NAMELY THE XXD and some XD series. I'm not sure about xxxD (or the T1i, T2i etc) so please check before you get it..

1) works as it should
2) no hassle; plug it into your camera and it works
3) works with the xxD series and xD series.
4) cable is long enough, about 3 ft long. I won't be using it from a far distance, so that's fine with me
5) great bang for buck

1) build quality (it's not bad; just that it could be improved. The genuine Canon shutter is made of plastic too)

If you're a novice and want/need a remote release just to learn how to take a few night pictures, GET IT! You'll love it!

If you're an expert, perhaps the genuine Canon would suit your taste better. But I assure you both work just about the same :) The extra cash might be better off spent on better lenses and tripods :)

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