Kamis, 03 Februari 2011

So far, so good

jessica simpson shoes review Remote Shutter Release Digital Cameras

Remote Shutter Release Digital Cameras

I'm a novice who's starting to learn more about photography, and I needed a remote release to take some long shutter photos.

I was searching online and found out the Canon equivalent of this remote shutter release would cost somewhere around the twenties to thirties, which wasn't what I was ready to pay for. So after researching a little bit more, I found this little gem.

Note: THIS WORKS WITH CERTAIN EOS MODELS ONLY, NAMELY THE XXD and some XD series. I'm not sure about xxxD (or the T1i, T2i etc) so please check before you get it..

1) works as it should
2) no hassle; plug it into your camera and it works
3) works with the xxD series and xD series.
4) cable is long enough, about 3 ft long. I won't be using it from a far distance, so that's fine with me
5) great bang for buck

1) build quality (it's not bad; just that it could be improved. The genuine Canon shutter is made of plastic too)

If you're a novice and want/need a remote release just to learn how to take a few night pictures, GET IT! You'll love it!

If you're an expert, perhaps the genuine Canon would suit your taste better. But I assure you both work just about the same :) The extra cash might be better off spent on better lenses and tripods :)

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  1. Beverly Franco18 Oktober 2011 14.32

    Both are from Canon. And if not then two cables for Digital and film that are really cheap, and where to buy them!

  2. I have bought a wireless IR remote control shutter release of amazon that is compatible with my Nikon D3100 but i cant seem to find how to connect the remote anywhere. Ive checked in my camera manual, on the internet and checked under the extra info on the amazon page but with no luck. Ive gone through my camera settings but cant find anything to do with wireless shutter releases. The remote only has one button and it cant connect to my camera in any way. Please help, i cant find how to do it anywhere :( thankyou!

  3. I have the Canon rebel 2000 film camera and the Canon Powershot s5 digital camera and i cant find anywhere to plug in the air shutter release...I got it from Calumet...does anyone know if i need a special adapter? It didnt say on the website that it was not compatible with my camera?

  4. I want to set up a camera on a tripod and take pictures of something on an easel without having to touch / nudge the camera out of position or alter the focus so I can quickly/easily photograph documents.

  5. Henrietta Miles27 Desember 2012 04.32

    I've got a Canon ixus 750 digital camera and whilst on holiday I struggled to take pictures outdoors at night with or without flash despite playing around with these settings. What do they do?

  6. Hi everyone, I'm getting quite a bit into photography and I'm really wanting to upgrade to a better quality camera. At the moment I just have a small digital camera by Canon, which does the job but I am a bit limited as to what I can do with it because it's a camera more for somebody who just wanted something to snap some shots for memory's sake. So anyway I wanted to know which is better - Nikon or Canon, and generally what kind of a camera would be versatile, good quality, reasonable price and suitable for a beginner.