Senin, 07 Februari 2011

The Warsaw Comspiracy

ring review 119 Dark Blue Filter Sheet

119 Dark Blue Filter Sheet

"Author James Conroyd Martin...with the third installment of his 'Trilogy', 'The Warsaw Conspiracy' when now, added to his previous works: 'Push Not the River' and 'Against a Crimson Sky' clearly on his way to becoming a new, 'modern' Sienkiewicz of our times. You will be drawn in to a world that will be difficult to let go of, while learning more about a long-overlooked but valuable part of European History, that of Poland, a key lynchpin in the affairs involving All of Europe, as the struggle for power, freedom and liberty are constantly pulling this way and that. A true testimonial to the tenacity of the Polish people and their nation. GET this book! Get ALL his books! You won't be disappointed whatsoever!" -- Rik Suligowski Fox / Pioneer and first officially recognized representation of the Polish Winged Hussars in America.

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