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If You Care About Women & Girls - Watch This! - Tim

silver heels review Half Sky Oppression Opportunity Worldwide

Half Sky Oppression Opportunity Worldwide

I think many documentary films serve a great purpose in this age of technology, but this is by far the best documantary I have ever seen. As another reviewer said, I LITERALLY wanted to my tv, at the film crew, at the men who made the lives of these women hell and at the other women who perpetrated some of these atrocities on their fellow women and children. I was brought to tears on several occasions, not only by the unfairness and depth of depravity unleashed upon these women and children, but also by the courage of the women profiled and the resilience of the victims' spirits. If viewing this film doesn't give teenage viewers and adults, especially women, young and old, a sense of how incredibly fortunate their lives are compared to third world countries, there's no hope for it to ever sink in. Definitely NOT for the feint of heart, but oh so powerful. A MUST watch!

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  1. Jaclyn Davidson24 November 2013 15.32

    it's by Kristof and Wudunn, titled "Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for for Women Worldwide."

  2. Christian Hurley27 November 2013 14.32

    i was watching a tv show last night called China's missing children and it talked about traffickers which are people that sell children. If a couple has no money or they don't want the child they get a trafficker to sell there children just so they can get money that is not right poor little 4 year old have the thoughts that there parents didn't want them or they wanted to make some money i think that is horrible also in china for men who want wife's they go out on the streets and kidnap them and bring them back to the house. And it also showed how girls were taken and were being sold almost like prostitutes and for the parents to get there little girl back they would have to hire someone to rescue her and the police didn't do much why is china like this and why hasn't anyone done anything yet!?