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Great kit to get started all but land

dress review Magic Gathering Cards Bonus Rares

Magic Gathering Cards Bonus Rares

my 1000+25 rare purchase was from toad and troll, total card count was 1086+27 rares, 1 rare was included in the 1000 cards, all in all it was a decent purchase, good idea for someone new to magic or wanting to expand your collection. there was 4 lands, 31 foriegn, and alot of older which was fine, there was some duplicates, but not overwhelming, there was about five total that have ovr 10. the rest was 2-6, but i wouldnt say it was excessive, nice mix of common and uncommon, im not sure if i would buy this many again tho, alot of cards to sift thru at one time atho it was fun. got ovr 300 blue alone, not my personal deck choice, ovr 150 white, green and black, ovr a 100 red, ovr 40 colorless and bout 40 multi and of course land and foriegn. im sure i'll donate most to the local card shop to give out to new magic players, magic is a great learning tool for kids, especially if they are having trouble with math, one can absorb the subject better when its fun, my order was recieved in two days, standard shipping, alot of that might be because im on the east coast as well as toad and troll. will purchase from them again. thx

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  1. Tommy Lancaster15 November 2010 06.32

    A friend of mine is building a monster sliver deck. its turning into a beast. i play black and white but im willing to tr somthing new. can somone direct me to some anti-sliver cards? my current stratigy is playing changlings so i get benifets from his slivers

  2. well im alittle new to magic and i wanted to know if its just as good as playing just regular magic, ive been hearing that the prices for the cards on mtgo is slightly less then regular cards. i really just want to know if its just as enjoyable and if its worth putting some money into. please also mention some other facts about mtgo

  3. Where can I find a coupon code for 1000 Magic the Gathering Cards Plus Bonus 25 Rares

  4. Marietta Marquez20 Desember 2012 06.32

    i was thinking green, blue, red. but would that be good? and what strategies can u get out of that? like jund, bant, esper, grixis, counter, combo, aggro, control, etc.???? so plz help

  5. Theres a pack of magic the gathering cards at walmart that comes with 1 booster and 30 bonus cards. My question is what are in the bonus cards? Are there any rares?