Jumat, 10 September 2010

Pleasant Surprise!!

ring Febreze Clips Freshener Vanilla Moonlight

Febreze Clips Freshener Vanilla Moonlight

I am extremely sensitive to light when I sleep. Before I had this mask, I would lower the shades over the windows in the next room, close my bedroom door, lower the shades over my own windows, cover the windows again with a black out curtain, shut my eyes, AND put on a sleep mask, and I would lie awake thinking "it's as if i am staring INTO the sun."

No more. The Lewis N. Clark Comfort Eye Mask has several features that really help it get the job of blocking light done. Its most important virtue is the cushion of fabric below the eyes to the sides of the nose. Most sleep masks are held up by my nose such that there's a space on either side. The Lewis N Clark mask can block out 100% of the light there, at least as far as I can tell. Occasionally, I will roll over or something and the tiniest bit of light will come in (still much less than would come in under a regular mask) -- so the mask is not God, but I think we all knew that. Second, the mask wraps around pretty far on the sides of the face to make sure light is blocked from those angles. And finally, unlike other masks that eventually become too loose, the adjustable elastic band on this one lets you tighten the mask to keep every part of it pressed to your face. It can get too tight, but that is of course a sign that you should loosen it, and I find you'll still be in darkness. I assume the band on this mask will eventually weaken, but then you just tighten it! And when it finally gives out altogether, I'll just buy another one. It's great and it's cheap.

My only regret is that I have but two thumbs to put up for this mask.

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  1. This product is amazing it last long and while running ac keeps the car fresh fresh all day I had the light blue one and its amazing so I decided to buy other flavor it's better than any car freshened I hv ever both it's a must have

  2. I came across this product at my local grocery store March 30, 2013. I got a fresh linen scent, and every time, I start the car the vent clip smells just as fresh as the day I purchased it. Today, is April 09, 2013 and the smell has not faded away. I'll definitely try another one.

  3. I have gone through all of the air freshener fads - from the bags, the gels to the trees and this one works! It will last a month or more. I'm still on one 1 1/2 months and its still smellin' nice!