Senin, 27 September 2010

Best book ever

buy sunglasses Nevermore Final Maximum Ride Adventure

Nevermore Final Maximum Ride Adventure

This is a wonderful book for everyone, but since it is really marketed for children, this is how I will comment on this book. This story will help children not to be afraid and sad when someone they are missing, whether it be through death or by distance, are still in their heart. Just the way the story is told any child will feel comforted by the fact that they are always connected by the feelings in their heart to another loved one. This book will help if a pet has died or just went to live somewhere else. If a friend had to move away or if a parent just went to work. I bought it because my sister-in-law is very sick and will not be living to much longer. She has a 6 year old daughter and I thought this book would help to know that her mommy still loves her and that she is still with her in her heart.

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  1. Im looking for a good book or series to read. I like stories with a strong good vs evil struggle. Fantasy is welcome but so is reality. A good plot too mabey a few twists that i didnt see coming. Nothing too childish though and no horror please. I also like stories with a type of final confrontation with the two opposing forces. And a bit of romance as a side plot but not as the main focus (please no twilight). As for the main theme i dont really care im open for anything spiritual, scifi, mythological, fantasy, etc. Just tell me some of your favorite books that are like this

  2. Nevermore: The Final Maximum Ride Adventure by James Patterson is coming out this august, and i wanted to know who you think Max will pick, Fang or Dylan? I vote Fang, who do you vote?

  3. I want to preorder a book, (Nevermore- the final maximum ride adventure) but it says it's only available in hardcover. I want to get paperback because I want it to match the rest of the series that I have, which are all paperback. I was just wondering, is it normal for books in general, when they are first released, to not be available in paperback? Will I be able to get it in paperback eventually, and if so, when? Thanks :)

  4. Virginia Anderson12 Desember 2012 12.32

    What is the correct order for the Maximum Ride from James Patterson?

  5. I can't think of what the main conflict is in the story. help please?

  6. Plz dont say, there isnt anywhere. I'll die! Thank u!!!!! =)