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Excelent exposure

canon powershot review Understanding Exposure 3rd Edition Photographs

Understanding Exposure 3rd Edition Photographs

Awhile back, while reading all the positive reviews of earlier versions of this book, I saw that a new version was soon to be released, and I decided to wait for it. The book was received from Amazon yesterday on the release date!

After quickly leafing through and looking at all the great photos, I decided to start reading. A short while into the book, it occurred to me that "this is one of my favorite books"! And I was only on page 16!

I became something of a photo hobbyist many years ago with a film slr and got back into it a few months ago by buying a decent digital slr. A glance at the table of contents shows that the book covers the basics of exposure: aperture, shutter speed, iso, white balance, lighting, filters. So I'm reviewing the basics, but I think Mr. Peterson's insights would also be valuable to more advanced photographers.

I enjoy looking at the photos and trying to guess what the camera settings were. Mr. Peterson chose some gorgeous photos--by themselves they would be more than worth the price of the book--as examples of exposure principles.

I'm now on page 20, reading some great insights on ISO. Understanding Exposure, 3rd edition is a six-star book! If, when I finish reading it, I decide to subtract stars, I'll let you know. But I'd be very surprised! I'm looking forward to the read and to improving my creative skills.

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  1. Im getting into photography and was wondering what book would be good to read? Im interested in understanding ISO, f-stop, white balance, different shooting techniques, etc. I know a little about each but its just guess and shoot at this point. I know its important to just try stuff but I want a book.

  2. I was wondering what books would be good to get to help me understand my photography (ISO, Exposure, Lighting...etc) better, and hopefully help me to improve the photos I take. I'm a beginner but I can understand things fairly well so I don't need anything SUPER basic. Suggestions please! I'll try anything to help myself improve :) Thank You